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24 hrs of a lifetime

If tomorrow was your last day
If you knew when and where
What will you do what will you say
Addled to the stars will you stare
Aware yet wishing to be oblivious
Eager to feel each second would you be anxious

Melancholic nostàlgic yeah mixed emotions
Without sudden notice muddled in sensations
24 hrs to live a life time
Will someone comprehend your mime
Will you leave things be as they are
Or will you be odd being all bizarre
What do you have to regret
Let me rephrase how much time you’ve got to regret
You may stay still but nothing will be nothing will wait
Feeling the adrenaline ofcourse within the boundaries of what’s universally right
Will you be lost and loose the sight of light


Will you live as if you will die
Will you face your fears give them a try
Will you speak what’s on your mind
Will you confront and confess and let it go off your chest
Will you ask forgiveness and forgive will you let go of the grudge
Will you stop to hiss and judge
With yourself will you make peace
Put your ego aside and call someone you miss
Will you be grateful and fond for what you have
Or will you think of millions reasons to whine
Will you let your tears dry and make your cheeks laugh
Give yourself a break from the self doubt
Will you make every single minute count


Yeah those are questions left an
Till the right time comes but that seems so absurd
Aren’t we all afraid to our expectations not to live
That’s why with what’s familiar we find relief
Repeating the same verse again and again
“we got time it’s okay” ourselves we chain
Not wiling to abandon the comfort of our shell
Scared to be scarred we prefer to be imprisoned in a cell

So if you have 24 hrs to live
What will you achieve
To fulfill your quests every moment will you seize
To those thoughts that kept you at night to the what ifs’
Cause sooner will be too late
Impossible is to actually live when you meet your fate
Before fully persuading this one to the next journey you set
So live as if you’ll die before it’s too late
When you are gasping and you can’t hit reset

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