5 Closest Borders In The World

For some nations, before you get to another destination, you have to wait in planes for hours. For others, you need to board a car or train and spend more hours before you enter a neighboring country, too. Citizens in other nations, though, will easily hold out their hands and accept a piece of pie from another citizen in another country. This is because their boundary is close.

Let read and find out the world’s top 5 nearest international frontiers.

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1. The border between the Netherlands and Belgium

Which comes first among the world’s top 9 closest international borders. Their closeness is just so amazing. An African will see this and think it’s between one African nation and another.  There’s a thin line of tiles on the pictures below with plus sign inscribed on it to separate the two European countries. For Belgium is B and the NL represents the Netherlands. You can just stretch out your hand and get a cup of tea from a friend in the other country.

2. The border of USA and Mexico

It’s funny what happens in the photo below. People of different nations, USA and Mexico, playing basketball across the fence separating the two nations.

3. Austria, Slovakia and Hungary border

These three countries meet at a point called sculpture park on their borderlines. Throughout the photo, arrow-shaped seats in the park are used to show the directions of the three countries.

4. Spain and Portugal border

This boundary is just a step that links these two countries and you can just take a walk to meet the another person from the other country.

5. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay border

The flow of the T-junction river has perfectly demarcated the three countries at their boundaries in South America.


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