5 Romantic Val’s day gift to give your Girlfriend

Now you wonder what on earth, apart from the big bouquet of flowers, can you give your girlfriend? If you’re still worried, this list of Valentine’s day gift ideas for your girlfriend will make your work easier:

1. Customized ‘x things I love about you’ journal

On the customized journal, you can list 50 things you love about your girlfriend. It’s an inexpensive way to express your love for her and she will appreciate it.

2. Couple massage treat

Instead of paying for her to go for a massage with her girlfriends, go together and enjoy a couple’s massage on Valentine’s day.

3. Custom name jewelry

This could be a bracelet, earrings or necklace customized with her name or one of your sweet or crazy pet names.

4. Road Trips:

Who doesn’t love road trips especially when it’s a road trip to some scenic place you have never been to before?

5. A heart-shaped Pizza

Instead of the ordinary pizza, get a special heart-shaped one specially made for her. But only if she is crazy about pizzas.