5 Things To Avoid During The 2 Weeks Lockdown

Since the President of Ghana officially locked Ghana for two weeks to prevent Coronavirus from becoming more severe, at EricVoices.com we want to advise our beloved readers on things to avoid this during lockdown for 14 days.

This lockdown can really be boring and make us feel lazy so here are some things to completely avoid to make sure you are still fit to go back to work after.

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1. Don’t Visit Loved Ones:

This is a crucial moment for us and we are often tempted to check up on our family members and friends who live in other cities. Just stay home and call them on the phone. This will not only keep you safe but keep your loved ones safe as well.

2. Indulging in unhealthy meals:

This lockdown isn’t the time to live an unhealthy lifestyle. This is the time to stay hydrated, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid oily foods as much as possible and most importantly remain indoors.

3. Laying in bed all day:

This part is extremely tempting. In as much as you have a whole two weeks to yourself to sleep as much as you want, you wouldn’t want to be inactive. Take a walk around the compound, do jogging or brisk walking around the compound and some squats. This will not only keep you active but keep your heart healthy. After the lockdown, you will realize that you have a lot of energy to work.

4. Watching TV all day:

What else do you have doing apart from watching TV anyway? Watching TV is good especially if you want to catch the latest shows or the latest news BUT don’t make it a habit. Use the free time to read a book, learn a new word, declutter your wardrobe, do deep cleaning, etc. This will make you feel good about yourself and make you productive.

5. Pressing Phones all day:

This lockdown is a time to bond with members of your family. Engage in deep long conversations. Work has kept you busy all week, so now that you have that free time, have some family games, play cards, ludo, Oware, pick and act and other fun games to keep the bond tight and strong.

I hope these tips help you remain sane during this lockdown period.