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AY Poyoo Hits 1 Million hits on Youtube

Since launching his ‘Goat’ music video a month ago, Comic Musician AY Poyoo has overcome all expectations to reach 1 million views on You tube. This limestone accomplishment is no surprise to his fans as he attracted the interest of famous artists in South Africa and the United States.

AY Poyoo has recently gained fame in the entertainment circles in Ghana after his videos went viral. Since his explode into the music industry, the self-acclaimed ‘face of GH rap’ has got it right.

The ‘Goat‘ has captured the eye of a renowned South African musicians and it’s announced that the singer will star AY Poyoo in a song. Since his fame, he has been moving from station to station to grant interviews.

He released his official music video of ‘Goat’ a month ago and has hit the 1million views mark. This is a remarkable achievement for up and coming act like him. Many established musicians do not get views like this on You tube.

His style of music has been termed as comic. His videos has gone viral in most African countries as some has taken up challenge called ‘ the goat challenge’.