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Bitcoin Treasury Records Show $2.1 Billion in BTC Erased From Balance Sheet

Bitcoin Treasuries Records Show $2.1 Billion in BTC

Bitcoin balance sheet data slips from 1.42 million to 1.32 million

The dollar value of Bitcoin (BTC) has surged in the last year, reaching $64,000 in April and $69,000 in November. Since its high of $69,000, Bitcoin has lost nearly 70% against the U.S. dollar in the past eight months. Year-to-date, Bitcoin (BTC) is down 33.8% against the U.S. dollar.

In 2021, many headlines discuss the growing number of Bitcoin Treasury bills from public and private companies alike. Companies such as Microstrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) are leading the trend, and the list includes Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Block Inc. (NYSE: SQ), and Galaxy Digital (TSE:GLXY) and others.

As the last few months continued, bitcoin and some other crypto assets hit record highs, with countries like El Salvador adding bitcoin to their balance sheets. Just over a year ago today, or 13 months ago on June 5, public companies, private companies, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and countries stored approximately 1,427,441 bitcoins.

At that time last year, the 1.42 million BTC was worth $78,387,515,121 using the June 5 bitcoin exchange rate ($36,300 per unit). Today, the amount of BTC held in the Bitcoin treasury is much smaller, as current listings show that companies and countries currently hold 1,325,396 BTC. Year-to-date metrics for June 5, 2021, show that Bitcoin (BTC) gained 284.2% against the U.S. dollar.

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The stash is only worth $27.84 billion today, while the 102,045 BTC sold is currently worth $2.1 billion. Bitcoin treasury bond listing data recorded via archive.org shows that on June 5, 2021, 33 public companies held BTC on their balance sheets.

Today, 38 public companies hold bitcoin in their treasuries, and they collectively hold 262,695 bitcoins worth $5.5 billion. Four private companies held bitcoin last year, and now there are seven.

When there were four companies last year, they held a total of 317,383 BTC, and today, these seven private companies hold a total of 174,381 BTC. The Tezos Foundation has 24,808 BTC in reserves, but today, private entities hold 17,500 BTC.

Stone Ridge Holdings Group held 10,889 BTC and now holds about 10,000 BTC. Last year, Ukraine was added to the Bitcoin treasury bond list with 46,351 BTC, a figure that is still in line with today’s record. It should be noted that the list of Bitcoin treasuries may not be entirely accurate, and any list of “people who own Bitcoin” should be taken with a grain of salt.

New to the list are El Salvador’s 2,380 bitcoins, Finland’s 1,981 bitcoins, and the Georgian government’s 66 bitcoins. Cypherpunk Holdings once held 360 BTC, but today the public company holds zero after selling all of its BTC and ETH, according to the June 2021 Bitcoin Treasury List.

It is likely that any bitcoin sold from the stash recorded on archive.org was exchanged for a higher price than it is today. In fact, from a price per unit of $36,300 in June 2021, Bitcoin could have sold around $69,000. Bitcoin sold after the November price high would still be worth more than the dollar today.

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