‘Ghanaian Girls Are Easy To Get, Just Buy Them Indomie

A Naija man has labeled women from Ghana as cheap for being so easy to get, saying them can be lured with indomie (a popular instant noodles delicacy).

The dude who goes by the name Emeka Obi said during his stay in Ghana, he banged over 90 women and some of them he got them by just giving them Indomie.

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“During my 3 years in Ghana, I realized that Ghanaian ladies are very cheap and easy to bang. I have slept with 98 ladies from adults to teenagers. All I did was lure them with simple Indomie since they love to eat noodles”, he said.

Emeka, however, revealed that Ghanaian ladies are very ‘sweet’ especially those who have kids but still maintained their ‘cheap status’ is pathetically unbelievable, compared to his native Nigeria.

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“In Nigeria, the ladies are not cheap. Before a Nigerian girl will open her leg for you, you’ll suffer”.



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