I Wanted to Kill Myself – Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face recalled how he almost killed himself in 2012 after being called a two-minute guy in bed by his ex-wife.

Funny Face admitted that he was planning to commit suicide while driving his Range Rover, which Adebayor gave him. He was driving at a top speed of 200km/h because he tried to end his life because people were making fun of him.

“I went through another depression that one I wanted to commit suicide, drove at a top speed in the Range Rover. I drove like 200, you can imagine, Range Rover 200”, he said on Kantanka TV.

Funny Face stressed that he performs more than 2 minutes “do you know how many minutes you’ll go to have twins?”

”When a woman has any beef with you, there are only two things she can say to say to hurt you, either she’ll say your manhood is small or you don’t last in bed”, he added.

Source: ericvoices.com

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