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I was wrongly injected and have not been able to walk since – Graduate Orphan Laments.

Born Delali Agbosu, an orphan and a graduate of the Accra Technical University, has revealed that, doctor’s negligence made her unable to walk properly.

The mother of one, who must put the left and right hands on her foot respectively before she can walk, disclosed that, at 4 she was sick and was taken to the hospital for treatment; unfortunately, the doctor gave her a wrong injection causing her woes.

Adding that, her mother ran away and left her because of her situation and have since not returned; and the father is dead.

Fortunately for her, she has been able to attend a polytechnic, acquiring a diploma in secretariat and management.

However, she is been denied many job opportunities because of her situation.

”I have applied for many jobs, but all to no avail. One day, an employer frankly told me, many jobs won’t employ me because of my situation.

He told me the secretariat and management job is now more field oriented than usual hence considering my situation, no employer will employ me.” She Said.

The orphan also holds a certificate in journalism and is so passionate about news presenting; a dream she can’t wait fulfil.

She said her decision for the short  journalism course, was due to the many denial in the secretariat field.

The young lady also revealed that, Crime Check Foudation, sometime ago supported her and donated her some good amount, but currently, she still needs help.

Disability the say, is not inability; perhaps  the motivation behind her certificates acquisition.

Delali is still an unemployed graduate, physically challenged and needs support from the civil society.

Watch Video Below:

Source: Svtvafrica.com

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