‘Ice block’ rain falls in Kumasi

“Ice Block” rain has fallen in Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi today.

Ice pellets as it’s rightfully called rained ‘cat and dog’ in the Capital city making residents to step out and take photos of it.

A woman who had come into her corridor to pick up the particles of ‘ice blocks’ with her children told Ultimate News, this was the first time in over twenty years she witnessed anything of the sort.

“I remember seeing things like this when I was young probably about ten years old. I came out when I heard the bangs on the roofs. I brought my children out to observe it because they have also not seen this before,” she told reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador.

Take a look at some photos below:

Watch the video below:

Ice Block rain

The little pellets of ice are called sleet, and they form when an updraft carries raindrops higher in the cloud, to an altitude where the temperature is below freezing.

Powerful summer storms sometimes have larger balls of ice, called hail.

They can be as large as a grapefruit. Hail starts out as sleet, but is carried upwards by updrafts multiple times, adding a new layer of ice each time.

If you cut into a hailstone, the multiple layers make it look like an onion.


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