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I’ve Achieved A Lot At My Age – Yaw Tog Brags

Yaw Tog

Yaw Tog boasts about the accomplishments he has made since starting his music career following the release of “Sore” in 2021, which helped him gain more notoriety.

The 20-year-old rapper claims that he has accomplished several things in life that his peers and peers his own age cannot boast about having. Yaw Tog boasted in a video posted by those called celebrities on Instagram that, despite his young age and his accomplishments to date, he is thankful because some of his pals haven’t yet attained that level of success.

“I’ve accumulated many items that my peers my age do not have. I am 20 years old and possess some things that my friends do not. I believe that God has been quite kind to me and has assisted me in achieving various goals in life, the man remarked.

A singing career, his own record label, and the Tog Life Foundation, which he uses to help the destitute and underprivileged, are just a few of the accomplishments the singer listed that others of his age haven’t yet reached.

“I own something that I value and adore. I am quite successful in my music profession. I run the Tog Life Foundation, which focuses on aiding the less fortunate, in addition to my record company, Tog Life Music. In order to help individuals, we recently handed books to certain public and private schools, he stated.