Jamila Tells how She spend GH¢20 On Weed Daily

Jamila Hajia a 23-year-old speaking to DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa said she spends GH¢20 on weed every day.

She claims she has been smoking weed for nine years with no-one ‘s influence.
She said from morning till 12 midnight she can smoke weed.

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The mother of two revealed that her addiction to weed prevents her from traveling, however, if it is guaranteed that she can get weed at where wherever she will be going to, then, she will go.

“Because of weed, I can’t even travel. I went to Nigeria and because I couldn’t get the kind of weed I wanted, I hurriedly came back to Ghana. In Kolegono, I was able to stay because I could get my kind of weed,” she noted.

She revealed that, in her neighborhood, weed has forms, and that the most expensive piece goes for GH¢6.00, while the ordinary piece is only GH¢1.00 to GH¢2.00.
She noted that in addition to other drugs, her boyfriend and the father of her two children both smoke weed. When asked if she smokes anything other than weed, she said: “I’m just smoking weed and Pall Mall, I know cocaine but I don’t sniff, I’m just to weed and Pall Mall.”

She pointed out all the bad effects of drugs and she said, “I can’t eat until I smoke.”

According to her, as a result of weeds, she has been arrested and admitted several times by police and in hospital respectively, but because of her addiction she keeps going back.
She then said that she is ready to quit if she gets extra help from someone.

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