Kenyan Couple Cancels Wedding When They Realized They Are Siblings

What would have you done when you released the person you love so dearly and want to spend the rest of your life with turns out to be your sibling. That is the fate of a Kenya couple who had no option than to cancel their wedding which was in an advanced stage after they got to know they are siblings.

The Nairobi Post reports that the two were shocked to learn they are brother and sister after the man recently went to introduce his wife-to-be to his parents, according to Kameme TV.

During the visit, the two were informed that the man’s father had sired a daughter in his first marriage before he separated with the wife. The bride-to-be is the daughter in question.

“After I took her for introduction to my parents, I was told my father had another wife and we were thus brother and sister,” the man said.

Speaking to Kameme TV, the man disclosed that he met his girlfriend while selling shoes in the streets of Nairobi.

The two fell in love and were planning to settle down together after dating for a couple of years.

The two were advised to call off their engagement immediately after Kikuyu elders who were consulted over the matter said that marriages between siblings are a taboo.

“I cannot even fall in love with another person because I am scared he will also turn out to be my relative,” the girl said.

If the two had solemnized their union, they would have been forced to undergo a cleansing to avert a possible calamity.



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