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Let See whether KiDi is a Christian or not

KiDi explains whether he is a dedicated and submitted Christian.

Artistes who do mainstream music is for the most part seen as individuals who like having some good times, celebrating or clubbing, dissimilar to their gospel music partners who are for the most part viewed as Christians who eschew lust of the flesh and also attend church service often.

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KiDi, Multiple Awards Winner, talking only in a VIP meeting with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central was inquired as to whether he regularly goes to church as often as possible as a dedicated and submitted Christian, he answered

“Goodness better believe it I’m a Christian and I do go to church. Be that as it may, I don’t generally find the opportunity to go to church gathering often in view of my standard routines.

“As a performer, I make a trip a great deal to perform on various occasions in various parts of the nation, and a portion of these shows are frequently organized during the ends of the week.

“Now and again I play a show at 12 PM and when the show closes it will as of now be sunrise and when you get back it may be late morning or at night.

“This makes it for all intents and purposes difficult to go to church gathering as much of the time as I wish however when my calendar grants I do go to the chapel”.

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Churches together with other get-togethers have been prohibited longer than a month back in Ghana by the administration as a careful step to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

by Amansan Krakye

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