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Marriage Is Not A Property Making Machine – Kumchacha To Women


According to Prophet Kumchacha, he’s baffled about how some women who want to grab properties in marriage.

Prophet Kumchacha made this observation on Mona Gucci’s Biribi Gyegye Wo when discussing Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win’s first wife’s interview. According to Kumchacha, partners involved in the martial squabble will always want to make themselves look good in the media. But he noticed that Lilwin’s ex-wife sounded pained through her utterances.

This observation prompted him to advise women against going into marriages because of what they hope to benefit from the marriage.

“A woman can stay in a marriage for 25 years and say that she didn’t even get a pin out of her marriage. I haven’t seen a married woman say that she got a knife from marriage. They always say that they didn’t get anything from marriage. Always lamenting that they got nothing after 25 years, 20 years of marriage…

“Please, marriage is not like cloth in Makola that you sell for profit. Don’t go into marriage for profit. By God’s grace, you are married, you have children, and God has given them to you for free. So what other gains do some women want from marriage?”

Kumchacha also advised Lil Win’s ex-wife to move on with her life. He pointed out that now that Lil Win has found himself another wife, a reconciliation is out of the equation. Prophet Kumchahca also beseeched the estranged couple to solve their issues away from the media, especially for the children’s wellbeing.