Mr. Logic reveals that he is going to vote for Nana Addo this year.

Popular entertainment show pundit, Emmanuel Barnes, aka Mr. Logic, has recently announced that he will vote for the first time in his life and that he will vote for the incumbent, President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Giving his reason, he stated that it is because of Nana Addo’s care and support for the creative art industry in this pandemic era.

His comments come after the president announced that his government is giving out a GHC 50 million to the creative industry as an alleviation package.

Reacting to this, he said;

“All through my life, I have never voted because I never saw anything good that any government did for my industry. But at this particular time of my life, as an industry player, as a creative art person, I can say Nana Addo has done something for us. Now, I am proud to be a Ghanaian, I am patriotic and I am ready to vote,” said the music producer.

I have registered and I wouldn’t have wasted my vote if I voted for Nana Addo. I will vote for him because I have always said that I will vote for a party whose policies will benefit what I do.

Coronavirus has ravaged our industry. We spent so much on production and we get nothing in return. We have lamented on radio and finally, Nana Addo has heard our call.

To be a President, you also have to be a father and you have to be a listener. Nana Addo has listened to our cry. Let us put politics aside; a government which shows concern is the one which deserves to be supported and voted.”

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