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Music Video Of Beyonce’s featuring Shatta Wale leaks (Video)

Shatta Wale is trending on Ghana Twitter and one would ask why. Its only normal for Shatta Wale to trend but everyone would expect it to be as a result of his controversies or the release of one of his bangers.

This time around, the reason is different. Snippets of the music video of Beyonce‘s Already song featuring Shatta Wale has leaked online and has caused a massive stir on social media .

The yet to be released official video of the ‘Already’ song found its way unto the internet after it was hacked by some IT group alleged to be in China.

In the much anticipated-video, Shatta Wale is seen with the American celebrated singer in the same space, jamming and singing to the song.

Beyonce’s ‘Already’ track featuring Shatta Wale was released in July 23, 2019, a year ago on the ‘Lion King Album. The song has earned over 12 million views on YouTube

Watch video below