My Daughter Was Murdered – Suzzy Williams’ Mother

Mother of the late Ghanaian movie star Suzzy Lebene Williams has revealed that her daughter who died on September 8, 2005 was murdered and not drug overdosed.

Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime’s Restoration hosted by Stacy Amoateng, she disclosed that her daughter was gone when she got to the hospital because she checked her vitals and she was fine only for her to peep into the window her daughters hospital room and met with the ugly truth.

“I saw my daughter on the hospital bed and I check her pulse and heartbeat and she was fine only for me to leave the room and look through the window and see a young man with syringe standing by Suzzy’s bed and injection whatever WA in the syringe through her nose. She was murdered”, she divulged.

“No body took me seriously anytime I had sometime to say but I can’t blame anybody for her death but nature. My daughter was never a drug addict or acholic person”, she added.