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Protests over Covid’s official fire killed 50 people

More than 50 people were killed in a fire in a coronavirus quarantine room in a hospital in Nazareth, Iraq.

Many of Iraq’s health care systems collapsed after years of conflict, with relatives of angry victims demonstrating outside the facility.

The cause of the fire at Al Hussein Hospital is unknown, but the fire broke out after the oxygen tank exploded.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Arkadimi ordered the hospital director to be arrested.

“This fire is clear evidence that it is impossible to save Iraq’s life, and it is time to put an end to this catastrophic failure,” Iraqi Speaker Muhammad al-Harbusi said on Twitter. “.

Reuters reported that protesters and police clashed on the scene and fired at two police cars.

The Associated Press reports that the new section will include 70 seats and was built just three months ago. At least 63 people are on fire, according to medical personnel.

“The fire started shortly after hearing the big explosion at the coronavirus unit,” hospital guards told Reuters. The search is in progress.

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