See Why Sarkodie Admits He has almost committed suicide

Multiple-award winning singer Sarkodie has admitted how, a few years ago, he almost lost his life by suicide.

According to the hitmaker “Saara,” he admitted during his youth that he had been maltreated. Sarkodie poured out his heart into the album in a song by the singer titled “Mile 7 saga” and spoke about how he experienced struggle during his childhood.

Sarkodie recounted how he used to sleep on an empty stomach after hawking on the streets for a family member he used to stay with. He explained how he was treated differently from the other siblings in the house.

Aside from being maltreated, he also disclosed how he used to share a single room with about 30 people but couldn’t complain to his parents because he was scared. He further disclosed that these bitter experiences got him broken and almost committed suicide.

He has urged anyone going through any bitter experience to star strong and focus because pain doesn’t last forever.


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