Ways Of Hacking Your Cheating Partner’s Whatsapp Account

Please note that this lesson is not for you to use it for a wrong purpose but for you to know what technology can do especially in this computer age. So be careful while using it.

Do you know that you can clone your partner cell phone and see all the activities going on in him or her WhatsApp? All he or her chats, voice calls and videos etc

Please follow these steps carefully:

1. Both cell phones must be connected to the internet, that is your phone and your partner’s phone must have been subscribed.

2. In your phone go to Google chrome browser type

3. In the same browser, go to the three dots lines at the right-hand side of your phone and click on it, scroll down to the desktop site and tick it, a bar code will appear then ur your partner’s phone and scan it.

4. Now your partner’s phone, open he or her WhatsApp and go to the three dots lines on the right-hand side scroll down and click WhatsApp.web to scan the bar code from your own phone.

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That is all about it, so any time your partner is on WhatsApp chatting, it will appear on your browser. Always to go the page in your browser where you open it. You can reply to chat directly from your phone etc.

Please use it well and not for the wrong purpose.


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